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Sylt – Strönwai 16

Welcome to Wempe.


Casual luxury in the North Frisian Islands.

Our showroom in Kampen is small and exquisite, like the island of Sylt itself. The island’s relaxed lifestyle is in perfect harmony with the atmosphere of our business premises, which are located in a typical thatch-roofed red-brick house on the Strönwai in the heart of Kampen. My team and I like to serve our customers, who are at their leisure and in a holiday mood, as they look through our selection of watches from the most renowned brands from Switzerland and Germany. If you should be looking for the right piece of jewelry for your grand appearance after a day at the beach, here too we’ll be happy to help. What’s more, you don’t have to do without our reliable repair and maintenance service even during your vacation. And if you simply want to enjoy the present moment in the unique atmosphere of Sylt and breathe the bracing air of the North Sea, feel free to settle back in a comfortable wicker beach chair in front of our showroom.


Sandra Finzel, General Manager

Strönwai 16, 25999 Kampen/Sylt
Opening hours
Thursday - Saturday: 10:30 - 18:00
Closed on Sunday
P. +49.(0)46 51.995 94 59
F. +49.(0)46 51.995 94 49
[email protected]
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Interior view of the Wempe branch Sylt
Portrait of the Managing Director
Interior view of the Wempe branch Sylt



Brand portfolio – Sylt-Kampen

Brands available at the Wempe Sylt-Kampen branch

We offer you the following brands of renowned watch, jewelry, and accessory manufacturers at the Wempe Sylt-Kampen branch:

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