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GMT Watches: Two Time Zones – One Statement

Timelessly Beautiful, Sporty yet Elegant and Perfect Travel Companions: GMT Watches

Classic GMT watches originally displayed Greenwich Mean Time as additional standard time zone. This name is still used today, but GMT watches are equipped now with two freely adjustable time zones. The function of a second time zone doesn’t only demonstrate watchmaking expertise, but it is also very practical in everyday life, in particular for those who are traveling a lot. GMT watches feature either an additional subdial displaying the time at a second time zone or an extra hour hand coaxially located at the center of the dial. With their prominent 24-hour hand and striking bezel, GMT watches make as well a bold visual statement.

If Everything Could Be So Flexible and Uncomplicated when You Are Traveling

The first GMT watch models were still equipped with a second, fixed hour hand. The introduction of daylight saving time, however, made this construction redundant. A welcome challenge for numerous watchmaker: They soon developed new models with a separately adjustable second hour hand that made it possible to independently set the time of a second zone via the crown. 

The main difference between GMT watches and world time watches is immediately apparent: GMT watches only display one additional time making it possible to quickly and clearly read the time. A glance at the bezel shows the home time and – depending on the time zone where you currently are – the bezel can be freely adjusted in hour increments.  

Distinctive Design with References to Aviation

GMT watches stand out by their striking design. Thanks to colorful accents, especially on the bezel, many of these cosmopolitans are true eye-catchers. Of course, there are also GMT models with a less striking appearance available on the market – just as you like it. 

Originally developed for civil aviation pilots, GMT watches still make the hearts of aviation fans skip a beat. With their esthetical reference to aviation, they stand for a freedom-loving lifestyle for the wrist – wherever you are.

Set GMT watches - 3 positions of the crown

How To Correctly Set GMT Watches:

1. If necessary, unscrew the crown.
2. Turn the crown until you feel a small resistance.
3. Pull the crown outward into the last position (see picture).
4. Set the GMT hand to the time that you define as home time 
Please note: The hours are set according to the 24-hour scale of the bezel – i.e. not in the normal 12-hour cycle.
5. Push the crown inward into the next position and set the desired date via the quick-set mechanism of the hour hand.
6. As well in position 2: Set the hour and second hands to indicate the local time.

We would be happy to advise you personally on GMT watches at the Wempe branch of your choice – no matter whether you are currently in New York, London or perhaps Hamburg.