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Aviator Watches – Fascinating High-Flyers

Admittedly, we are no pilots like Charles Lindbergh and no adventurers like Felix Baumgartner. But even if we don’t launch directly into the stratosphere after the business meeting, there is a good reason to be crazy about aviator watches: Their functional elegance provides them with timeless beauty. Discover technical masterpieces that have written history. And write a new chapter yourself.


Santos de Cartier – The Iconic Aviator Watch


At the time when men conquered the skies in tailored suits, the Brazilian pioneer of flight Alberto Santos de Dumont created together with his friend Louis-François Cartier the world’s first aviator wristwatch. Our Santos de Cartier models combine the beauty of an iconic design and the precision of finest workmanship to reach unmatched elegance.


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Breitling Navitimer – The Cult Chronograph

When somebody says Breitling, you have immediately a picture in front of your inner eye: the Navitimer 1. Introduced in 1952, this pilot’s watch instantly achieved cult status among pilots and aviation enthusiasts thanks to its innovative slide rule bezel. We have been closely linked to Breitling for more than 50 years and cultivate our love for the Navitimer with every new collection. Discover at Wempe the sporty classic in a diverse selection of sizes, materials, and functions.

Glashütte Original Senator Cosmopolite – Ready for the Frequent Flyer Program


The perfect way to get from A to B mustn’t always involve speed. For those frequent flyers who travel in business class from East Asia to South America perfection means above all a relaxed flight in a stylish ambiance. Our Glashütte Original Senator Cosmopolite is an excellent companion for these journeys. With this exquisite self-winding timepiece from the German quality manufacture you can keep an eye on two time zones and have your start and destination airport indicated by its respective IATA code.


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IWC Pilot’s Watch Chronograph Spitfire – The World Champion

 Absolute precision, high sturdiness, and unmatched simplicity make the IWC Pilot’s Watch the epitome of the pilot’s watch. And it shares these properties with a legendary airplane: the Spitfire. Sponsored by IWC, a Spitflire flew around the world in the summer of 2019 visiting 26 countries and traveling more than 43,000 kilometers. Our pilot’s watches from IWC distinguish themselves by their clear design vocabulary and masterful engineering.

Welcome to the Skies

 Who doesn’t miss the great adventure from time to time? Whilst the most dangerous part of our daily routine is to burn our lips on the takeaway coffee cup, we dream about being a lonely aviator navigating our airplane above the glistening waters of the Pacific Ocean to finally land cheered by the crowd. Aviator watches have always been part of this adventure.

Wempe Zeitmeister – The Original-Style Watch

The aviator watch, one of the most successful watch types at all, was first developed in the 1940s. Harking back to early observation watches and cockpit instruments, they were fitted with the characteristic features that still make these watches so popular nowadays. A matt black dial, luminous numerals and Lozenge hands, and a triangular zero index ensure clear readability even in the dark. Our Wempe Glashütte i/SA Zeitmeister aviator watches fulfil all these criteria and redefine the classic design in a contemporary way using innovative case materials.