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Watch winder Colosimo


  • Utilized for: 1 watch
  • Material: High-gloss polished stainless steel surfaces and 32 gold-plated precision gears
  • Operating mode: Mains operation/battery operation
  • Dimensions: Height 220 mm; width 220 mm; depth 194 mm
  • Special feature: This is the world’s smallest high-security safe
  • Wempe reference: WZ100125
Wacth winder Gyrowinder


  • Utilized for: 1 watch
  • Material: Hand-blown crystal glass dome
  • Operating mode: Mains operation
  • Dimensions: Height 326 mm; diameter 330 mm
  • Special feature: Gyroscopic 360-degree movement (for the first time, the watch can be turned completely freely in every direction)
  • Wempe reference: WZ100160

You can find more watch winders of the Döttling brand at your nearest Wempe showroom.


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