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Watch winder Agartos


  • Utilized for: 5 watches
  • Material: Aluminum-wood chassis, high-gloss polished metallic piano lacquer, interior lined with fine Italian nappa leather
  • Operating mode: Mains operation
  • Dimensions: Height 416 mm; width 396 mm; depth 277 mm
  • Special feature: Eight-day precision movement from a German manufacture, edition limited to 75 pieces
  • Wempe reference: WZ100253
Wach winder Spirit


  • Utilized for: 4 watches
  • Material: Aluminum-wood case, high-gloss polished piano lacquer
  • Operating mode: Mains operation/battery operation
  • Dimensions: Height 275 mm; width 295 mm; depth 270 mm
  • Special feature: Handcrafted case, Exquisite carbon inlay, interior lined with fine velours
  • Wempe reference: WZ100196
Watch winder Vantage


  • Utilized for: 4 watches
  • Material: Handcrafted case with ten layers of high-gloss lacquer and a Makassar wood inlay
  • Operating mode: Mains operation/battery operation
  • Dimensions: Height 242 mm; width 297 mm; depth 249 mm
  • Special feature: Interior lined with black velours, protected by a transparent window of crystal glass
  • Wempe reference: WZ100208

You can find more watch winders of the Buben & Zörweg brand at your nearest Wempe showroom.


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