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World innovation: Wempe Zeitmeister Tide Automatic

Tides at a glance: Innovative and robust companion for water sports enthusiasts

Wempe Zeitmeister Tides Automatic

The Zeitmeister Sport Tide Automatic from Wempe Glashütte i/SA is an exceptional timepiece for water sports enthusiasts and a precision instrument for professionals. A newly developed and patented rotating bezel with tide indicator provides information on the next high and low tide levels with two triangular markings while hour markers show the remaining time until the next tide.

»The Zeitmeister Sport Tide Automatic offers intuitive functionality for all activities influenced by the tides of the sea.«

Carsten Petersen, Brand Manager Wempe/Glashütte i/SA

Sketch of the tidal clock

This is how the Wempe Glashütte Zeitmeister Sport Tide Automatic works:

A tide calendar shows the exact time of the flood at the desired location. The HT mark (HT = high tide) on the bezel indicates the time of the expected flood (see sketch: 16:24). The rotating bezel is infinitely adjustable in both directions.
The position of the hour hand (time) now indicates the time relative to the next flood. The numbers with a minus sign on the bezel indicate the hours before the flood, the numbers without a minus sign indicate the hours afterwards. After reaching the low tide (LT) level, turn the HT mark on the bezel to the time of the next expected high tide.

Exclusively available at Wempe!

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