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Tutima Glashütte/SA & Wempe

These two family-owned companies share a high regard for the watchmaking tradition of Saxony.

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As a manufacture of fine timepieces, Tutima feels a special commitment to uphold the quality seal “made in Glashütte.”

The UROFA and UFAG watchmaking companies, which were founded in 1926 in Glashütte in the German state of Saxony, named their top product line “Tutima.” After World War II, their successors produced high-quality sport watches and aviator chronographs in Ganderkesee in Lower Saxony. In the 1930s movements from UROFA and UFAG were also used in the watch lines from Wempe. In 2011 the family-owned company Tutima celebrated its return to Glashütte by presenting a repeater watch it had developed in-house. Today it manufactures four watch families that are very independent from one another in terms of their design, ranging from robust sport chronographs to watches with exquisite complications.

Founded in:
At Wempe since:
Glashütte, Germany

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