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On the Tracks of Michael Delaney—the World of TAG Heuer Chronographs

Many readers may wonder “Who is Michael Delaney?“ Suffice it to say that he is probably one of the reasons why chronographs still carry nowadays an image that appeals to many men. We see again and again that this complication is the most popular function among our male customers.

TAG Heuer watch closeup

Do You Love Competition...

One reason for this popularity is certainly that men love to compete. The chronograph stands for competition and the race against time—where tenths of a second make the difference between success and failure. Ironically, this was already the fact in 1969 when it came to being the first watch manufacturer to launch the first self-winding chronograph onto the market. Heuer was, of course, one of the participants in this race. In fact, it was Heuer who had developed the very first stopwatch mechanism in 1882 and launched the first chronograph that was precise to 1/100th of a second in 1916. It was thus a question of honor to be on the top step of the winner’s podium.

Photo of racing star Michael Delaney wearing the TAG Heuer Chronograph watch
Photo of racing star Michael Delaney laying on the ground wearing the TAG Heuer Chronograph watch
Closeup of the TAG Heuer watch from the Monaco line

...or Are You Looking for a Watch with a History and an Aura?

However, this competition was only an intermediate stage in a race that goes on to this day. And TAG Heuer is still running in the front ranks. It was above all Jack Heuer who realized how important it is to give watches an aura. He achieved this by cleverly placing his timepieces in the world of Hollywood movies and in motorsports. A strategy that the TAG Heuer brand has pursued with determination until today and has promoted together with its brand ambassadors since 1991.

Which Chronographs Suits You?

TAG Heuer Chronograph watch from the Autavia line

Autavia – Pole Position


Die Autavia Linie war der Pionier für automatische Chronographen aus dem Hause Heuer. Motorsportfans bekommen leuchtende Augen bei den Namen, die sich für diese Uhr begeistern konnten: Jochen Rindt, Mario Andretti, Emerson Fittipaldi und Graham Hill. Historische Modelle führen diese nicht selten als Beinamen. Wer sich in dieser Tradition sieht und darüber hinaus das klassische Design liebt, für den sind die Autavia Modelle genau die richtige Wahl – egal ob cool mit Edelstahl- oder lässig mit braunem Kalbslederarmband.


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Monaco—An Edgy Eye-Catcher

Heuer was one of the first watch manufacturers to launch a square timepiece in 1969. The watch became famous thanks to Michael Delaney—embodied by Steve McQueen—in the iconic racing movie Le Mans. Its edgy yet delicate shape combined with a leather strap makes it nearly a dress watch. And furthermore to an absolute eye-catcher. A watch that doesn’t fit into any box. And that’s probably exactly the reason why Steve McQueen liked it so much.


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Video still of the TAG Heuer watch from the Monaco line with a dark blue, blue and orange dial Play Video
Portrait von Michael Delaney (Steve McQueen)



"Racing is life. Anything before or after is just waiting."


TAG Heuer Carrera—the Racing Chronograph Par Excellence

The TAG Heuer Carrera—how else could it be—has its DNA also in motorsports. It owes its name to the "Carrera Panamericana Mexico", one of the hardest and most dangerous road races in the world. Jack Heuer dedicated this timepiece back then to none other than Juan Manuel Fangio, the former Formula 1 record world champion. Later on, also Nicki Lauda and James Hunt wore this exceptional racing chronograph. If you choose this watch, you will thus be in good company.


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TAG Heuer watch on a black background from the Carrera line Play Video
TAG Heuer Chronograph watch

TAG Heuer Formula 1—For the Legends of Tomorrow


The TAG Heuer Formula 1 collection is the latest addition to the TAG Heuer chronograph family. It’s rather the aspiration to offer a contemporary entry into the world of TAG Heuer chronographs than a glance at the glorious past that counts for these sturdy models in a classic sports watch design. That’s why the TAG Heuer Formula 1 watches are also available with a quartz movement. Without making any compromise and with all the prerequisites for continuing the impressive story of this brand. A watch for the legends of tomorrow. The race goes on.


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