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Junghans: The Bauhaus Classics from max bill

max bill Automatic front view


A Minimalist Design Creating Great Attention

The minimalist arrangement and selection of objects according to their function to achieve a clear, no-frills design is characteristic of the Bauhaus style. By giving design the space it requires, it gets the attention it deserves.

The max bill Automatic models from Junghans follow exactly this principle: the restrained design can unfold its full effect thanks to the discreet, golden sand color of the case. The clear layout of the light-gray dial follows the principles of Bauhaus architecture and brings to the fore the most important feature: time. True to the motto “form follows function”, discreet hands, fine strokes, and narrow numbers indicate the time. These minimalistic elements set off to perfection the puristic design of the timepiece and attract a maximum of attention. Environmentally friendly luminous substance on the hands and characteristic dots at 3, 6, 9, and 12 o’clock ensure best readability even in the dark.

max bill Ladies front view

max bill Ladies: Charming and Minimalist 

The women’s version with a quartz movement combines the authentic design of Max Bill with stylish colors. The clear and restrained dial design provides a beautiful stage for the indication of time. Contrasting with the white dial, the purple numbers and date emphasize the characteristic Max Bill typography. Its flat case and color accents make this timepiece an eye-catcher on the feminine wrist.
portrait of Max Bill

About Junghans and Max Bill 

Max Bill was an architect, painter, sculptor, and product designer. His works were marked by the Bauhaus philosophy and therefore reduced to the essential. His collaboration with Junghans started at a time when he was principal of the Ulm School of Design. He designed there from 1956 on kitchen, table and wall clocks that were to write design history. He used again their logical clock face design in 1961 when he designed the wristwatches that are considered nowadays as design icons. Max Bill strived for constructive clarity and precise proportions. Irrespective of whether he was working on a watch or piece of art, both meant for him the “shaping of the environment” and had to be suitable for daily use.

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