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Glashütte Original

Senator Cosmopolite – the Watch for Modern Globetrotters

With the sophisticated time zone mechanism of the Senator Cosmopolite you feel at home in 35 time zones.

At home around the world – boundlessly precise and intuitive to operate / © Alex Teuscher / Haute Time

New York, Dubai, London, Moscow, Beijing – for many travelers it is practically part of everyday life to move between the world’s metropolises and the common 24 time zones. However, modern cosmopolites keep on discovering more and more extraordinary places and time zones. Whether Newfoundland, Dehli or Kathmandu – the new Senator Cosmopolite from Glashütte Original proves to be a fascinating companion with 11 additional time zones. And it shows with the same precision the time at home, where your family and friends are. 

With its sophisticated time zone mechanism the Senator Cosmopolite has ensured boundless precision since its premiere in 2015. Glashütte Original continues this success story in 2018 presenting for the first time a version in stainless steel and with a reduced design. Despite its complexity, it is intuitive to operate.  

Designed for the Modern World Traveler


Self-winding caliber 89-02 was developed in-house. Thanks to the elaborate interplay of finely designed and integrated complications, the time of two time zones is simultaneously displayed. The time zone ring offers a selection of 35 world time zones. Each of them is indicated using an official IATA location code (International Air Transport Association) representing an international airport in the relevant time zone. 

35 IATA codes: BKK stands for example for Bangkok and PEK for Beijing.
The 24 time zones that deviate in full-hour intervals from Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) are indicated using a black IATA code in the DST or STD window located at 8 o’clock. DST means Daylight Saving Time (summer time) and STD Standard Time (winter time). Further eight time zones with half-hour deviations from GMT are shown in blue, and the remaining three time zones with a deviation of three quarters of an hour are represented by red IATA codes. This color coding makes it possible to grasp the deviation form GMT at a glance. 
Making an elegant appearance with the Senator Cosmopolite
72 hours of power reserve: Caliber 89-02

The caliber: Pathbreaking Technology – Made in Glashütte 


Self-winding caliber 89-02 ticks inside the Senator Cosmopolite. It is set into motion when the traveler wants to change the time once he has arrived at his destination. When traveling east, he turns the crown at 4 o’clock clockwise until the IATA code for the destination time zone appears in the corresponding DST or STD window. When traveling west, he turns the crown counter-clockwise. In both cases, the central hour and minute hands shift forwards or back in 15-minute steps, so that the IATA code for the destination time zone can be seen in the DST or STD window. Learn more about the particularities of half-hour and three-quarters of the hour deviations from GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) and how local and home time are perfectly readable at a glance – at Daylight Saving Time as well as at Standard Time. 

At this point, now further changes need to be made. The central hour and minute hands indicate the correct time at the destination, complemented by the correct day/night indication and the correct date at destination. If setting the destination time, one advances past midnight, the panorama date display shows the corresponding change of date, backwards or forwards, as the case may be. 

Manufacturing the self-winding movement of the Senator Cosmopolite requires precise craftsmanship
Manufacturing the self-winding movement of the Senator Cosmopolite requires precise craftsmanship
Manufacturing the self-winding movement of the Senator Cosmopolite requires precise craftsmanship

The finely finished caliber beats with a frequency of 4 Hz and is equipped with an off-center rotor. The regulator-free regulating system with swan-neck spring can be adjusted using the four tiny gold screws on the balance rim, which ensures a high degree of rate precision. The finely finished surfaces and numerous details of the self-winding movement with its typical Glashütte three-quarters plate can be viewed through the anti-reflective sapphire crystal case back. 


Glashütte Original stands for modern German watchmaking upholding the highest standards. Traditional craftsmanship meets state-of-the-art production methods at the manufacture. Exclusive timepieces combining highest precision and timeless elegance have been manufactured here since 1845 with manual dexterity and artistic creativity. Such as the Senator Cosmopolite.


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