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Breitling – Chronomat

Precision, robustness, legibility, functionality and water-resistance to a maximal depth of 500 meters distinguish the chronograph collection, which debuted more than 40 years ago. A successful interplay of performance and sporty elegance contributes to the appeal of these timepieces.

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This Swiss brand is known for its extreme reliability and uncompromising passion for detail.

Breitling occupies an exclusive position in the watchmaking industry in the area of technical instruments, especially chronographs. As a long-term partner of the aviation industry, where reliable and high-performance instruments play a key role, the company assigns top priority to the precision of its watches. Breitling watches are designed for intensive use in extreme situations. This, as well as a clear devotion to design details, are the reasons why Wempe has been working together with Breitling for more than 50 years.

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