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Testing facility

This is what it looks like when a jeweler writes history. Wempe presents the only wristwatch chronometers that are currently certified according to DIN, the German industrial norm.

The only testing center based on the German chronometer norm is located on the premises of the restored former observatory in Glashütte. Here Wempe works together with the State Authorities of Metrology and Verification of the federal states of Thuringia and Saxony. Today, approximately 60 years after its first involvement with Glashütte, Wempe is helping to ensure that this town remains a synonym for outstanding German watchmaking and that the observatory has finally regained its place of honor. 

Wempe Glashütte testing laboratory

The testing process

The stringent criteria of DIN 8319 that are used by the two State Authorities require a 15-day test procedure. In the five positions “crown left,” “crown on top,” “crown below,” “dial on top,” and “dial below,” the average daily rate variation of the watch must lie between -4 and +6 seconds.

The average daily rate deviation may not exceed two seconds, and the largest rate deviation may not exceed five seconds. All of the watches are tested at temperatures of 23°C, 8°C, and 38°C and at a humidity of approximately 50%.

At 24-hour intervals, the deviation is measured and the movements are wound. On the tenth day of testing, any complications the watch may have are switched on in order to test their effect on the accuracy of the rate. A special feature of the German industrial norm for watches is that it must be possible to set the time precisely to the second, and that the movement must go through the test procedure not separately but while completely mounted in the case, so that deviations can be completely avoided.

Wempe Glashütte I/SA Chronometerwerke und Zeitmeister


It only remains to note that all of the wristwatches from the WEMPE GLASHÜTTE i/SA Chronometerwerke and Zeitmeister lines have passed the stringent testing procedure required by the two State Authorities. As a result, the high-precision wristwatches from Wempe are officially entitled to bear the designation “chronometer” on their dials.

Testing criteria for quartz watches and mechanical watches 


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