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Creation – Visions from Schwäbisch Gmünd

Our love of jewelry is boundless, but it has a home: the Wempe Atelier in Schwäbisch Gmünd.

the creative process that produced the Paraiba tourmaline ring

This is where the successful jewelry lines and unique creations from the BY KIM collection are crafted. The unique pieces in particular give us an inkling of how much time and effort is required before an initial design can become a harmonious whole. You’ll be fascinated by the story of how one of our new BY KIM necklaces came to be. Inspired by the trend toward natural tones, we lost our hearts to a greenish-yellow beryl stone that’s also known as heliodor. Did you know that in ancient times beryl was ground into spectacle lenses? This is the origin of the German word “Brille” for eyeglasses. According to legend, the Emperor Nero watched gladiator battles through an emerald, which is one type of beryl — a truly luxurious predecessor of opera glasses.

Today beryl serves as an ornament. This painstakingly cut 19.88-carat stone, for example, has developed the highest possible degree of brilliance, which sets it off especially well in contrast to the dark brown necklace of smoky quartz. The top-quality shell cameo completes this contemporary trio. The fascinating design, enveloped by the warm tone of 18-carat rose gold and surrounded by sparkling white brilliant-cut diamonds, is perfect. Our flair for detail is exemplified by the lovingly decorated reverse side of the gem pendant, which is freely suspended and removable — and in the brilliant-cut diamonds in a series of graduated sizes that generates a very special magic. The flat clasp feels very pleasant on the skin and is extremely easy to use. BY KIM combines the superb craftsmanship of gem cutters, goldsmiths, gem setters, and pearl stringers with a thorough knowledge of materials and tremendous creativity. Here, close and inspiring cooperation creates masterpieces of the goldsmith’s art that would never have seen the light without Kim Eva Wempe and her committed team.

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