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Wempe's sizing guide - find your perfect watch size

Found a watch that you really like? Quickly and easily check if the size is also a good fit for your wrist. With Wempe's sizing guide you can try out which diameter is the best fit for your wrist in the comfort of your home. Simply download, print it out and make your choice.

Sizing guide - round dials

Sizing guide round dials
Five watches with round dials from 28 mm to 44 mm in diameter. Next to it a quarter with a diameter of 24 mm for comparison.

Sizing guide - case thickness

case thickness
Five watch cases in side view. Staggered from 7 mm height to 18 mm height.

Sizing guide - angular dials

Sizing guide angular dials
Four watches with square faces ranging from 19 mm wide and 30 mm high to 28 mm wide and 44 mm high. Next to it a quarter with a diameter of 24 mm for comparison.

Download Wempe's sizing guide

Our sizing guide will help you to quickly and easily find out which watch diameter is the best fit for you. Simply print out the template on DIN A4 paper in landscape format without print alignment, cut out the required size and place it on your wrist. To check that the scaling is correct, just measure and check the length of this line against the line on the printout.


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