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Watch care

Find out a little more about how you peserve your watch for a lifetime joy.

Wempe watch and silver pen

Every Wempe showroom has its own watchmakers who perform minor repairs, maintenance, and even fine adjustments on the spot - we will advise you personally in our showrooms, how you should care for your fine timepiece.


Keep your watch away from strong magnetic fields, guard it against blows and shocks, and avoid exposure to aggressive chemicals (e.g. cleaning agents). Extreme heat (e.g. in a sauna or in strong sunlight inside a car) is also likely to have a deleterious effect on your watch.


The battery should be changed regularly. Even if your watch is still running, it is wise to follow the manu facturer’s recommendations about the life span of your wristwatch’s battery. This will ensure that a leaky battery will never damage the watch’s movement.


Saltwater can cause your watch’s insulation to dry out. After swimming in the ocean, be sure to rinse your watch in freshwater.

General overhaul

You can keep your watch running with optimal precision, and simultaneously preserve its resale value, by allowing us to conduct maintenance at regular intervals. Quartz watches should be sent to our workshops for maintenance every four to eight years. Mechanical watches should be taken into skilled hands every three to five years. Wristwatches that are subjected to more severe demands (sport watches, for example) should be serviced more frequently.


Even if you do not wear your watch to go diving, it is advisable to have it checked regularly to ensure its water-resistance. Naturally, this service is free of charge to our Customers.

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