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Our Jewelry Service: Much More Than a Promise.

Whether it’s cleaning, small adjustments, repairs, remodeling or the manufacture of a custom-made jewelry item—at Wempe your jewelry is always in the best hands. Here you can find out in detail how we define outstanding jewelry service at Wempe.


We don’t simply sell jewelry at Wempe, but we make you a promise: We provide every piece of jewelry that leaves our company, except third-party brand jewelry, with a three-year warranty covering faulty materials or workmanship. Furthermore, you benefit from our comprehensive jewelry service. 
For jewelry items purchased at Wempe, many of these services are free of charge during the first three years after the purchase. Additional costs arise for jewelry purchased elsewhere.

Checking of settings and clasps

Whatever the type of setting, the gemstones set in rings, necklaces or other jewelry items might become increasingly loose over time due to constant strain. Our experts at the Wempe branches gladly check the setting of your Wempe jewelry item free of charge. However, if you have dropped the item or hit it against something, we recommend visiting us immediately.

We also gladly inspect strained clasps of necklaces and bracelets if required.



manufacturing ring
Certificate with necklace

Ring size adjustment

Despite careful advice and selection, it might happen that a ring is too small or too large when you try it on again after the purchase. Should this be the case, we will adjust the size of newly purchased rings free of charge according to your requirements. The subsequent cleaning and polishing is of course included in the service.

Please bear in mind that it might take some time to adjust the ring size depending on the ring’s design and that some models cannot be modified at all. The adjustment of rings without a gemstone requires normally only a few days. Rings set with gemstones are sent to our Atelier in Schwäbisch Gmünd and you will receive the modified ring back after approximately one or two weeks. If the ring doesn’t allow any modification, we will replace it.

If the ring doesn’t fit anymore after you have already worn it for some time, we will charge you with a standard service fee for the adjustment of the ring size.

Should you wish other modifications, as example the shortening or lengthening of a necklace or the remodeling of a jewelry item, we can also do this for you—simply let us know.


ring grinding
ring grinding

Cleaning and polishing (free of charge)

Creams, make-up and other external influences are a challenge that your jewelry has to cope with every day. When the surfaces or gemstones of your Wempe jewelry get dull, we gladly give them a professional cleaning at our branches. Of course, we will do this for you at no charge. Whether ultrasonic bath, special cleaning liquids or very fine brushes—we choose the appropriate method depending on the item’s material and surface finishing. In most cases, we only need one hour or a little bit more to complete the cleaning of your jewelry item. This service includes of course a high-gloss polishing and, in case of white gold, the new rhodium plating of the item. However, this might take some additional time.

We would be pleased to provide you with tips for the daily care and cleaning of your jewelry.


If a piece of jewelry gets damaged, the clasp of a necklace breaks, or a gemstone comes off its setting, you can entrust us with the repair of your Wempe jewelry item. We can remedy small damages within a few hours at our branches (the so-called quick service). Items that require complex goldsmith work are sent to our Atelier. The repair on site will usually take about one to two weeks.

Inserting the diamond into the setting
production necklace

Engraving (partly free of charge)

Initials, a name, a date or even a personal message: If the surface of the item allows it, we will engrave your Wempe jewelry and accessories. Standardized machine engravings of items bought from us are free of charge and can be done within a few days.

More complicated letterings or visuals can be engraved by laser or the engraving is done by hand by one of the goldsmiths working in our Atelier. The costs for this service will be at your expense. A few weeks will be necessary to complete the agreed work.

In order to find out what sort of engraving can be done by machine or laser, please contact us or visit us at one of our branches.

Offsetting of brilliant-cut diamonds

If you have purchased from us a jewelry item with a white solitaire of at least 0.25 carat (except promotion items) and you would like to exchange it for a larger brilliant-cut diamond later on, we will offset the value of the smaller stone against the value of the larger one. If you wish to have the item completely remodeled, we will also offset the value of the precious metal used in the original setting.

Please note that we take the originally paid price as a basis and that you have to bring with you the Wempe certificate, the international certificate and the invoice of the original solitaire if you wish to make use of this exchange offer.

Jewellery production, man
Ring in pliers
diamant in pliers

Value estimate (free of charge)  

Our intern experts gladly estimate the replacement value of jewelry items brought from us. It is the best basis on which your insurance company can reach a decision in the event of a claim.

We offer this service as well for third-party items against payment of a fee. In this case, an expert opinion is provided by a sworn assessor. The costs depend on the actual scope of work, for example whether a short assessment or a detailed appraisal is required.

Worldwide repair advice and acceptance (free of charge)

No matter where you are: When a gemstone comes off its setting or you need any other kind of repair, you can submit your necklace, ring or bracelet at any of our branches worldwide. And if the service happens to take longer than your stay abroad, we will return the repaired item to the Wempe branch that is nearest to your home—without any additional costs.

We are looking forward to your visit!

Come and see us at your nearest Wempe branch and experience at first hand our excellent service.

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