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A solitaire ring — the renaissance of a gemstone

A spectacular comeback for your personal star.

Setting stones

A diamond is one of the most precious gifts one person can give to another. Yet it’s not uncommon for such a precious gift to lie in a jewelry box instead of being worn. For example, an inherited solitaire ring might not fit the owner’s finger, or the owner might not like its particular shade of gold. The Wempe Atelier offers you the option of transforming a valuable gemstone into a wearable treasure by putting it into a new ring setting.

Solitaire ring
"Set by Wempe" engraving

First, look for an appropriate setting for your future ring — as with the 1.44 carat solitaire in this picture. In the next step, the diamond and the alloy are examined for their authenticity. The stone is then removed from the setting, weighed with a carat scale, and measured. It goes without saying that you will be reimbursed for the precious metal in your original ring setting. 

If your ring is not an original piece of jewelry from Wempe, we claim an exemption from liability in the very unlikely case of the stone breaking when it is removed from its setting. Upon request, we will also offer you the option of having the value of your stone assessed by an independent expert. Independently of this assessment process, the new ring will then be created through meticulous craftsmanship using the alloy of your choice — and finally your solitaire will be inserted into a setting engraved with “set by WEMPE.”

In the end, you will hold in your hands a piece of jewelry that is as precious as a new creation, yet already has its own story to tell.

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