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A new chapter in the history of your piece of jewelry.

Eclipse pendant

The fascinating thing about the materials we work with in the Wempe Atelier is their combination of durability and versatility. These two characteristics made it especially interesting to transform two older pieces of jewelry into a unique Eclipse pendant with brilliant-cut diamonds in a dewdrop look.

Remodelling tools
individual plan for positioning the stones

A customer had brought in two brooches set with brilliant-cut diamonds that she no longer wore. She asked Wempe to suggest how these stones could be used in a remodeled piece of jewelry. After receiving extensive advice, she decided to commission a remodeled piece of jewelry patterned on the Eclipse BY KIM pendant set with brilliant-cut diamonds.

The remodeling process was begun by taking the stones out of the brooches and examining them, then using CAD technology to develop an individual plan for positioning the stones. This plan determines the optimal distribution of the stones. In many cases, this means that new brilliant-cut diamonds must be added to the existing ones in order to create a perfect dewdrop look.

Upon request, the customer’s own ideas can be taken into account for the positioning of the stones. After the subsequent work in the Atelier had been completed, the precious stones from the customer’s old gold jewelry became part of an ultramodern piece of jewelry with a personal touch.

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