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Blu BY KIM set — forgotten treasures

Your wishes are worth their weight in gold.

Gold jewellery on the scale

Many of our customers have gold jewelry that no longer fits them or that they no longer like. Instead, they would like an adornment that is in tune with the times. We offer to reimburse these customers for the value of their precious metal. 


Melting gold

The exact value of this reimbursement is determined by weighing the gold they have brought in and identifying the alloy. In the example shown here, the customer entrusted us with the creation of a Wempe Blu BY KIM necklace and matching ear studs, taking into account the value of her existing piece of gold jewelry.

In her new necklace, she wished to have larger stones than those in the original Wempe model. After an especially long selection process for the brilliant-cut diamonds and the casting of the necklace components and ear studs, the chain elements were mounted by hand and the stones were set.The setting process required many hours of work, as it calls for extreme precision and patience.

Once again, a highly individual piece of jewelry was created in the Wempe Atelier in Schwäbisch Gmünd.

Testing the alloy
golden necklace
Golden earring on certificate

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