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A unique ring – as distinctive as you

A declaration of love for your personality.

the creative process that produced the Paraiba tourmaline ring

The creation of a unique piece of jewelry that is customized and unusual requires not only subtle creativity and masterful craftsmanship but also a very special sensitivity to the unique qualities of the future wearer. This sensitivity is extremely important during the first talk with the customer — as is shown by the creative process that produced the Paraiba tourmaline ring that is shown here. 

To begin with, various sketches were presented to the customer, keeping in mind her personality and her very open ideas about what the ring should be like. The customer selected three of the sketches, and they were subsequently used to create 3D models on the computer. 

finished unique jewellery
 3-D models

In the next step, the customer’s favorite model was used to make an original-size plot pattern and then a cast model made of silver. Trying on the silver model helped the customer finally decide on her favorite design. 

Using this design as a guideline, we created the tourmaline ring with its playful design and delicate edging of brilliant-cut diamonds and colored gemstones. Our intuition and the customer’s natural charm led us to make a breathtakingly unique piece of jewelry that beautifully reflects the personality of its wearer.


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