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A Colonna BY KIM ring — the power of colors

A show of colors, directed by you.

Tools and materials for making jewellery

Colonna is the Latin word for a column. When we created our rings of the same name, we took this meaning literally. Baguette-cut colored gemstones in invisible settings support the central stone in the same way that columns support a building. 


close-up colored gemstones
an individual version of the Colonna ring

This fascinating ring architecture is very popular with our customers — especially since we offer an individual version of the Colonna ring to every customer who is looking for her own favorite gemstone color.

We begin by working together to select stones of the right size and color.

  • The subsequent determination of the ring size is extremely important, because the construction of a Colonna ring is highly complex and can no longer be changed later on.
  • The ring is created as follows: After the casting and preliminary polishing of all three components, the brilliant-cut diamonds are set in the outer parts of the ring and the baguette-cut stones are set in the inner part.
  • After a further polishing, the individual parts are welded by a laser before the central stone is set.
  • After the final polishing and engraving, a new and completely personalized dream ring will grace our customer’s hand.

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