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Customers´ wishes

In a precious declaration of love, every stone counts.

Skyline BY KIM bracelet

If you have chosen gemstone setting as a career, you’re a person who loves challenges. That’s because working with precious and fragile materials always requires intense concentration and outstanding manual dexterity. The Skyline BY KIM bracelet with brilliant-cut diamonds in a pavé setting, which is presented here and on the following pages, is an impressive example of the outstanding expertise of our team at the Wempe Atelier. 

It was commissioned by a customer who wished to give it as a wedding anniversary present. He also wanted it to be made in a special size and to have a date engraved in it. This was a customized creation that required a great deal of time and special materials.

In the first step, a clasp was used to measure the circumference of the future wearer’s arm so that we could offer the customer a price for his order. Next, CAD technology was used to create a three-dimensional model on the computer. This made it possible to precisely calculate the positioning of the stones. However, no machine can replace the extremely complex and valuable manual work that goes into a hand-crafted pavé setting (“pavé” is the French term for “paving stone”). Beginning with the larger stones in the center, increasingly smaller stones radiate out toward the sides. 

Metal clasp with precious stones
hand, tweezers, table
Finished bracelet with engraving
three-dimensional model

The brilliant-cut diamonds are placed so close together on a surface of 18 karat white gold that the gold can practically no longer be seen. For every model, the stones have to be individually selected and set; this requires the gem setter to have a high level of qualification and put in many hours of work. 

In addition, the Wempe pavé setting offers the delicate addition of two, three or four grains of gold around the precious stone. This greatly increases the robustness of the setting. In order to create the Skyline BY KIM bracelet in a special size, the model for this piece of jewelry was initially plotted and then cast before the pavé setting was added. After the stones were set, the bracelet was engraved, polished to a high gloss, and finally rhodium-plated.

What was ultimately created on the workbenches of the Wempe Atelier was not only a piece of jewelry that deserves to be called “precious” in every  sense but also a unique declaration of love.

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