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An Eternity ring — stone by stone

Your most beautiful moments receive our careful attention.

Adding stones

A wedding, the birth of a child, or a very individual cause for celebration — in all of our lives there are special moments that we would like to preserve forever. The Eternity ring enables you to write your personal biography, brilliant-cut diamond by brilliant-cut diamond — with the help of the Wempe Atelier. For example, if you would like to expand your Eternity ring by adding two brilliant-cut diamonds, we will search for calibrated stones of precisely matching quality in our Atelier. If the original ring was produced and certified by Wempe, the precise size of the stones is already known and it is not necessary to remove the existing brilliant-cut diamonds from their settings. 

Memoire ring
Ring with certificate
After all, the selection of the new stones in itself requires a great deal of time as well as outstanding professional expertise. That’s because the new stones must have the same diameter as the existing ones in order to create a perfectly lined-up look. After the new stones have been selected, they are put into the manually drilled new settings. For every expansion of your Eternity ring, you receive a new certificate that documents the size and the quality of the brilliant-cut diamonds in the settings. After all, your memories are infinitely precious.

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