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Uncompromising top quality

People who create extraordinary things must work with an extraordinary degree of care. Perhaps you’d like us to give your grandmother’s engagement ring a new lease on life — or you may be dreaming of a unique necklace of precious stones. Whatever your wish may be, orders for creating or remodeling a piece of jewelry require many different work steps that will ultimately create a product with a high degree of intangible value.

As with the creation of an exquisite bespoke suit, we work together with you throughout this entire process, from the initial conversation with you through the preparation of non-binding sketches and price offers, all the way to the time-consuming creation of the special piece of jewelry you’ve been dreaming of. This will be a piece of jewelry whose smallest detail has benefited from all of our expert craftsmanship and our many years of experience — and in the end it will embody the highest levels of beauty, wearing comfort, and quality.

On the following pages, we explain the complex, multifaceted, and labor-intensive individual production steps that lead to a customized piece of jewelry that fulfills a customer’s dreams. Welcome to the Wempe Atelier.

Our team — at your service.

No matter whether he or she is a setter, caster, polisher or goldsmith, every employee at our Atelier in Schwäbisch Gmünd invests not only an extraordinary amount of time, patience, and expertise but also boundless passion in his or her work.

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