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Jewelry care

Values and valuables should be cultivated. This is also true for jewelry. Here, you can learn more about how you can assure that your jewelry will remain a lifelong source of pleasure.

Wempe jewelry pearls
Earrings with coloured gemstones


During the many thousands of years that it takes for a gemstone to form, the gem acquires enormous hardness and resistance. For this reason, gems can scratch or damage one other if they are allowed to touch each other directly, so they should always be kept safely separate from one another.

Blows and shocks are the most frequent causes of gemstone breakage. For this reason, you should take off rings that have large colored gemstones before you roll up your sleeves to do chores in your home or garden.

You can carefully remove deposits of soap, dust, or cosmetics on the facets of your gemstones. Use a toothbrush with soft bristles, warm water and a squirt of liquid ammonia. Rinse each piece with warm water afterwards, then dry it with a linen cloth.
Gold jewellery with coloured gemstones


Pearls truly are miracles of nature. And they are very sensitive to their surroundings. Perfume, cosmetic powder or hairspray can rob a pearl of its luster. Cosmetics that contain acidic substances or alcohol can likewise deprive a pearl of its shimmer.

Anyone who appreciates the fascination of genuine pearls will also take pains to keep them away from metal and stone.When you take your pearls off after wearing them, clean them gently with a soft woolen cloth and put them into a protective, soft case. Pearls are safest when they are kept separately from other pieces of jewellery.

As time goes on, the “play” naturally increases between the individual pearls on a strand, so you should have your pearls inspected by us annually. If necessary, we will restring your pearls anew using natural silk, knotting each pearl individually and by hand. This service is free of charge during the first five years after you purchase a pearl necklace from us.


It is best to keep silver jewellery inside a small, airtight, plastic bag. Insert a strip of aluminum foil into the bag before sealing it. This prevents your silver from tarnishing while in storage.


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