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Mother’s Day gifts

Mother’s Day gifts – ideas for an everlasting thank-you

A gift says more than a thousand words. Find with us the perfect Mother’s Day gift for one of the most important persons in your life.

Mother’s Day gifts – the most beautiful way to say thank you

Don’t forget: on May 12 it’s Mother’s Day! She gave you the most precious present in the world – take this day as an opportunity to say thank you. We have compiled for you a selection of Mother’s Day gifts that will remind her every day of your recognition and love. Mother’s Day gifts that say: “Thank you for all the love, work and effort that you invest into our family day by day.”

“You are someone very special to me!”

Mother’s Day gifts in the form of delicate necklaces or ear studs inspired by nature will bring a bright smile on the faces of all mothers. Just the same as the diamond-studded ring in 18k rose gold: a companion of timeless beauty that brings a subtle gleam into everyday life – you can’t do anything wrong choosing this ring as a gift for Mother’s Day. Watches with stainless steel bracelets or leather straps are also faithful daily companions and whenever she will look at her wrist to tell the time, she will hear you saying: “I am thinking of you!”

Mother’s Day gifts for unforgettable moments

On the second Sunday in May, mothers around the world are happy to receive gifts of love and appreciation. You wonder where this custom comes from? Actually, it was King Henry III of England (1207 - 1272) who proclaimed the very first “Mothering Sunday”. A day on which all children were called to return to their parent’s house to thank their mothers for many unforgettable moments, care and a protected childhood. Later on, in the wake of the American women’s movement, it became a custom to make meaningful presents such as flowers, self-written poems and of course jewelry items. 

This wonderful tradition has prompted us to convey a message with our selection of exclusive Mother’s Day gifts that you cannot repeat often enough: “Dear mothers – you are truly special!”

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