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Coming Home for the Holidays

Come with us on a train journey through a winter wonderland full of unique gift ideas for your family and friends. Join us on this ride and get into the mood for the most beautiful time of the year.

All aboard and relax

Get ready for this festive season of the year.

Holiday Gifts for Him showing a man boarding a train with a watch on top of the image
Holiday image of a train riding in the snow

The excitement is becoming bigger and bigger...

Christmas Day may also hold brilliant surprises for grown-ups.

Woman in snowy surrounding in front a train with a watch and an earring on top of the picture
Woman in the snow leaning out of a train window with Wempe jewelry holiday gifts

Relaxed Moments

Joyful anticipation and relaxed serenity accompany us as the Holidays are getting closer.

Man and woman on a train with pieces of jewelry and watches on top of the image as Holiday Gifts for Him and Her

Enjoy time together

We celebrate the Season with those who have a special place in our hearts.

Woman on a train with Holiday Gifts for Her Jewelry displaying long earrings on top of the image
Man and woman having dinner on a train where he presents holiday gifts for her
Closeup of a golden bracelet and golden ring with tiny diamonds

Finally, you have reached your destination!

The Holidays can start now.

Woman getting off a train with jewelry Holiday Gifts for Her on top of the image
Holiday Gift for Him Sample Watch by Girard Perregaux

The festive season is knocking at our hearts

Hold your beloved ones in your arms and surprise the little ones and the grown-ups with enchanting gift ideas.

Woman hugging a child in snowy surrounding presenting Holiday Gifts for Her
Children in snowy surrounding in front of a train with Holiday Gifts for Her

You can feel the Holiday Spirit when you are together with your loved ones. We wish you, your family and your friends a wonderful festive season.

The Team of Wempe Jewelers

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