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Wempe | ASHOKA®

The Glitter and Sparkle of New York City — the New Jewelry Collection Wempe | ASHOKA®

Wempe | ASHOKA® — Excitingly Different

Inspired by the skyline of Manhattan, reflected in the city’s glittering waterside and countless gleaming façades: the Wempe | ASHOKA® collection with the unique ASHOKA®cut. The centerpiece of the collection is the Wempe | ASHOKA® Art déco necklace consisting of 41 ASHOKA®-cut diamonds and 41 brilliant-cut diamonds.

Two-in-one image of Wempe Ashoka jewelry and laughing women under an umbrella

The new Wempe | ASHOKA® Art déco Solitaire

The Art déco line from Wempe | ASHOKA® shines with a new highlight, a solitaire with the legendary ASHOKA®-cut framed by two brilliant-cut diamonds.

Woman wearing Wempe Ashoka jewelry
Silver Wempe Ashoka jewelry
Silver Wempe Ashoka jewelry ring

Cube Wempe | ASHOKA®

Combined in shapes that suggest cubism, the ASHOKA®-cut diamonds in the Cube Wempe | ASHOKA® line have a decidedly geometric design that reminds one of the aesthetics of lined-up high-rises.

Art Déco Wempe | ASHOKA®

Enraptured by the speed of the still-new automobiles and made dizzy by the sight of ever-higher skyscrapers, the 1920s gave birth to a modern and distinctive school of design: This bold elegance has also inspired the Art Déco Wempe | ASHOKA® line.

Woman wearing Wempe Ashoka Jewelry

So Exceptional That It Has Been Patented: the ASHOKA® Cut

This cut, which was patented by the renowned New York diamond dealer William Goldberg, is known as one of the most unusual of its kind.

Fewer than one percent of all the rough diamonds in the world have the potential to be transformed into an ASHOKA® cut. It is basically a modified emerald cut with a rectangular shape and rounded corners, however, because of its 62 facets the diamond appears 30% larger than an emerald-cut diamond of the same carat size.

Connoisseurs appreciate it because thanks to its extremely varied angles it generates additional brilliance and light reflexes to create a striking effect.

Experience the exceptional ASHOKA® cut up close at your Wempe branch.

An Encounter on Fifth Avenue and a Brilliant Idea 

At Wempe we were instantly fascinated not only by this unusual cut but also by the company it came from. Eve Goldberg, the daughter of the company’s founder William Goldberg, and Kim-Eva Wempe first met during the reopening of the Wempe showroom in New York. 

This initial meeting let to a friendship and to the idea of creating a Wempe line based on the ASHOKA® cut. It’s a cut that is meant to bring joy to the eye and the spirit alike. “As my father used to say, the perfect diamond is the one that makes you completely happy,” says  Eve Goldberg.

 "The story of the origins of my friendship with a fantastic woman: Eve Goldberg, a grande dame of the diamond business."


Discover the creations of the Wempe | ASHOKA® brand.

Clear and Vibrant — the Art Déco Wempe | ASHOKA® and Cube Wempe | ASHOKA® Lines 

Experience all creations of the Wempe | ASHOKA® collection and visit your nearest Wempe showroom.