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Splendid innovation at the international level

Hans Clément is the Sales Director of the Antwerp-based diamond dealer IGC Group. In our interview he talks about the development of the innovative WEMPE-Cut® and the Splendora BY KIM setting.

Mr. Clément, what was the biggest challenge facing the development of the WEMPE-Cut®?

Hans Clément: First of all, it was the challenge of finding someone who could do it. Cutting 137 facets is extremely difficult. Even completely clear diamonds can lose their brilliance if the cut is not perfect. In the beginning we had only one single cutter who could do the cut perfectly. In the past two years we have trained nine more outstanding cutters.

To the interview with Hans Clement

Is there any company besides Wempe that is taking the trouble to give a diamond 80 more facets than the classic brilliant cut?

Hans Clément: I don’t know of any other company, if we don’t take into account the world’s biggest diamonds, such as the Centenary Diamond. That diamond has 247 facets, but it also has a weight of 273.85 carats. However, the uniqueness of the WEMPE-Cut® consists of not only the cut itself but also the overall concept. Even more important than the number of facets is the angle and symmetry of every individual facet. And then there’s this indescribably lively sparkling of the stone in its setting. There’s a big difference between seeing the diamond lying on an office desk here at our company and seeing it in the Splendora BY KIM setting.

Can laypeople even see the difference between a Wempe-Cut® and a brilliant-cut diamond?

Hans Clément: Oh yes, even absolute beginners can immediately see the difference with the naked eye. The WEMPE-Cut® gives a diamond more life, more brilliance, more fire. That’s not only a spectacular expansion of Wempe’s own range of jewelry but also a splendid innovation at the international level.

Inserting the stone
The WEMPE-Cut® has 80 facets more than a classic brilliant and has an extremely high light reflection.
cup of the four-prong setting
The cup of the four-prong setting is inset with 16 brilliant-cut diamonds (0.09 ct.).

So this cooperation with Wempe has made even a diamond expert like you ecstatic?

Hans Clément: Working this closely with a partner to create a new cut is a wonderful experience, and it has also been one of our most successful developments to boot. Wempe keeps challenging us again and again — for example, to find exactly identical diamonds for the solitaire ear studs. It can sometimes be a really tough assignment.

Splendora BY KIM ear studs
Splendora BY KIM ear studs 18 k white gold with 2 Wempe-Cut diamonds, together 1.40 ct. or 2.01 ct.
Splendora BY KIM ring
Splendora BY KIM ring 18 k white gold with 1 Wempe-Cut diamond 1 ct.

Biography: Hans Clément is a shareholder and the Sales Director of the Antwerp-based diamond dealer IGC Group, one of the oldest family-owned companies in the sector. A long-time partner of Wempe, he is an important advisor in the search for the most beautiful gemstones and was also a source of inspiration and many ideas for the WEMPE-Cut®.

Experience the incomparable brilliance of the WEMPE-Cut®.

Splendora BY KIM Line


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