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The WEMPE-Cut®

Adds 80 more facets to the perfection of a classic brilliant cut and distinguishes itself by a particularly high degree of light reflection. The WEMPE-Cut® diamond receives the crowning touch of perfection from the Splendora BY KIM setting, which was specially designed for this superlative solitaire.

Wempe Cut Cinnamon Ring on the model
Wempe-Cut 1-carat
Wempe Cut cinnamon ring, bracelet, necklace and earrings

Those who are looking for a truly breathtaking solitaire, will find the WEMPE-Cut®: It took two years to develop the WEMPE-Cut®. This innovative diamond cut has 137 masterly hand-cut facets and is therefore characterized by an extraordinary brilliance and an extremely high degree of light reflection.

Golden times are ahead. The WEMPE-Cut® Cinnamon. 

Our unique WEMPE-Cut® in exiting golden hues. We have given an extravagant luxury treatment to selected cinnamon-colored diamonds with a soft golden hue. Their particularly warm color only becomes fully visible after the exclusive cut.

Not only the iconic WEMPE-Cut® ring, but also fine tennis bracelets shine and sparkle with this oriental fire. Our Splendora setting in perfectly color-coordinated 18k rose gold intensifies the special warmth of our creations with the cinnamon-colored WEMPE-Cut®.

WEMPE-Cut® and Splendora BY KIM

The WEMPE-Cut® diamond receives the crowning touch of perfection from the exclusive Spendora BY KIM jewelry line, which was specially designed by us for this superlative solitaire. The setting of every WEMPE-Cut® diamond is inset with additional diamonds in order to show off this spectacular play of light to its best advantage.

Different diamond cuts

More facets more fire, more force 

There is only one thing that is even rarer than a diamond: an innovative, certified diamond cut. It took two years just to develop the WEMPE-Cut®. The challenge was to create “more facets, more fire, more force.” But how does one create a masterpiece that has 137 facets—an incredible 80 facets more than the classic brilliant cut?

The diamonds selected for the WEMPE-Cut® are of Top Wesselton quality, almost perfectly clear, and certified according to the Kimberly Process.  

After a journey from Botswana via Belgium to Bangkok, these diamonds are cut by very experienced cutters. Each cutter requires almost two days to cut by hand the 137 facets of one stone.

Back in Antwerp, the diamonds are certified by the leading international Hoge Raad voor Diamant (HRD) institute. The certificate number is laser-engraved into the narrow girdle of each diamond together with the tiny Wempe logo.

After another inspection at our Wempe headquarters, we present the stones at our showrooms or mount them in settings of the Splendora BY KIM jewelry line.

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Add fire to the fuel

Angie Crabtree is a contemporary Californian artist who captures the fire of precious gemstones on canvas. An exciting deconstruction effect provides every facet with a realistic and lively radiance. Impressed by her talent, we asked her for a painting of the WEMPE-Cut® Cinnamon and its warm sparkle. The result is a vivid portrait of our cinnamon-colored favorite.

Marvel at the WEMPE-Cut® in our branch. We are looking forward to your visit!

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