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Cube Wempe | ASHOKA®

Inspired by the cubist geometry of the skyline of Manhattan and its sparkling lights at night, Cube Wempe | ASHOKA® combines clarity with an urban lifestyle.

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The Wempe | ASHOKA® Diamond Jewelry Line—Sparkling and Exciting Like the Skyline of NYC.

New York City 5th Avenue—two women, who are passionate about jewelry, first met in 2016 during the reopening of the Wempe flagship store: Eve Goldberg, the principal in one of New York’s most important diamond dynasties, and Kim-Eva Wempe, the managing general partner of the family-owned Wempe company. This initial meeting led to a friendship and to a wonderful collaboration. The ASHOKA® diamond cut was patented by William Goldberg in 1999. This unique cut and the lights and shapes of New York City inspired jewelry creations that have never been seen before. The two lines Cube Wempe | ASHOKA® and Art Déco Wempe | ASHOKA® were designed by Wempe creative director Catherine Plouchard—vibrant as New York City, unique in Germany and exclusive at Wempe.


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