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Niessing & Wempe

Niessing – A manufacturer that stands for jewelry as modern as the people wearing it and top-of-the-range quality.

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The Ideal Mix of Traditional and Modern

Founded in 1873, the jewelry manufacturer Niessing is today considered as being at the forefront of contemporary jewelry design. Niessing is based in Vreden, Germany, where its experts design and produce their own jewelry concept with a unique range of different shades of gold. One milestone in Niessing’s history is the invention of the seamless wedding band in 1904, which created new standards in ring design. Each and every wedding band is manufactured individually with the greatest precision and passion. This combination of tradition with innovation as well as the most exacting level of gold work quality in Germany has linked both Wempe and Niessing for more than 40 years now. See it yourself at your Wempe showroom and be inspired.

Founded in:
Available at Wempe since:
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Vreden, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

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