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Watches made of white gold: silvery glimmering understatement

Close-Up white gold watch
The catchall term “white gold” denotes alloys that contain silver, metals from the platinum group, or other metallic constituents. Depending on the formula, watches made of white gold can range from silvery to grayish white. The first white gold alloys were developed in the 1920s as alternatives to platinum and palladium (a metal that has many appealing properties, but plays nearly no role in the watch cases). Genuine white gold is homogenously silvery white through and through. Some manufacturers achieve a similar color on the metal’s surface through galvanic plating with rhodium. Yellow gold plated with rhodium may not be marketed as white gold, although the term has yet to be standardized. The industry accordingly uses a nearly countless number of formulas for white gold with varying percentages of pure gold. And there is thus a wide offer of watches made of white gold in the most different hues.

Selected watches

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