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Protection and beauty: precious case materials for small masterpieces

Valuable, durable, or high-tech. Case materials are as diverse as the movements they protect.

Explore the different watch cases
The watch’s case ensures that timepieces are readily recognizable. They come in most different shapes and styles reflecting individual tastes, the technology they house, and the watch’s value. But they have one thing in common: every watch’s case begins with an idea. After first sketches, computer renderings and in some cases even 3-D printed models, the prototypists start their job. Working entirely by hand, they produce the initial specimens. Wearing tests yield information about the watch’s ergonomics, comfort, and appearance on the forearm. Further tests determine whether the sturdiness and water-resistance uphold the desired standards. Once each and every detail is satisfactory and every criterion in the list of specs has been satisfied, the model is given the green light and serial manufacturing can begin. 

As soon as the watch has left the production site, it is personal preferences, the properties of the material, or simply the current trend that decide which case material the customer finally chooses. Whether softly shimmering rose gold, sturdy carbon, or sporty stainless steel – every wish can be fulfilled in different case materials. And of course, such aspects as antimagnetic properties or corrosion-resistance are decisive criteria in many cases. 

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