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The Art of Horological Complications

The fascinating world of watches – fine mechanical marvels. Discover the universe of exceptional complications and true horological treasures.

The Art of Horological Complications | Topics

Enjoy discovering the world of watches!

drawing of Hellmut Wempe
Dear watch enthusiasts,

The outstanding and precisely engineered components of the ticking artisanal masterpieces described in this publication accomplish their tasks inside watches – and thus mostly out of sight. But we are equally impressed by the visible exteriors of fine timepieces: summing up all parts, only a successful combination of inner and outer virtues can spark that special enthusiasm for a particular watch. Over the course of centuries, designing both elements as attractively as possible has developed into a lively competition. Of course, there are many different ways to encase a movement in a functional, sporty, or unconventional way.

A watch’s case provides secure protection for its delicate movement, while its hands play the primary role in reading the time. Hands are typically positioned at the center of the dial, where their harmonious circling motions attract admiring gazes. A watch’s hands have the exceptional potential to influence the perception of the timepiece as a whole. History shows that they have always resulted from uncommonly creative inspirations.

If you take a closer look at the various materials that can be used for encasing a movement or styling a watch’s hands, you’re sure to discover some unexpected surprises among the diverse classic types of metal.

I wish you many surprising and informative hours of reading pleasure.

Cordially yours,

Hellmut Wempe