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Sparkling companions

Anja Heiden, Executive Board Member, is responsible for the Jewelry & Gems business unit. What’s her favorite piece of jewelry? It’s definitely the pair of Splendora BY KIM ear studs she gave herself as a present. As the person responsible for Wempe’s jewelry collections, she was involved in the creation of these extraordinary adornments from the very start.

portrait of Anja Heiden Splendora

More than two years elapsed from the initial idea to the development and finally the realization of these unique pieces of jewelry. During this period, Anja Heiden never stopped pressing ahead with the development of the Splendora BY KIM solitaire. In the process she developed a very personal relationship with the Splendora collection, especially the ear studs. “I love them because they have an unusual setting, and of course because I helped to develop them,” she says by way of explaining her recommendation.

The innovative cut of the sparkling solitaires was a new and exclusive aspect of the development of this collection. This was the first time the Wempe Cut, which has 137 facets, was used. The implementation was preceded by an intensive development phase. The aim was to develop a round cut that would have at least the same diameter as a brilliant-cut diamond. And the goal was clearly defined: the development of a faceting that reflects the largest possible amount of incident light across the surface of the diamond.

The WEMPE-Cut® has 80 more facets than a classic brilliant cut and thus an extremely high degree of light reflection.

These uniquely cut diamonds for the Splendora BY KIM solitaire jewelry are not simply embedded in a white-gold basket setting. Instead, they are surrounded by 16 brilliant-cut diamonds, which intensify the light reflected by the solitaire. Anja Heiden is not the only one who appreciates this design decision. These unusual pieces of jewelry quickly attracted many fans, and they are continuing to thrill more and more customers all over the world. “When a project calls forth such incredibly positive reactions, it’s the pinnacle of success for me,” says Anja Heiden. Splendora BY KIM is one of the highlights of her long career at Wempe. And her Splendora BY KIM ear studs remind her of this highlight every day.


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