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Tennis Bracelet: Rivière Jewelry in a Sparkling Variety of Designs

Diamond bracelets are a must-have item – even if you do not play tennis.

A Sparkling Must-Have Item with Many Names

Bracelets featuring a close row of dazzling diamonds in precious gold settings have fascinated us since the 1920s. Luxurious Rivière jewelry got increasingly popular in the 1970s and 1980s and has been deliberately worn in everyday life ever since. These items sit loosely and comfortably on the wrist and look nevertheless extremely elegant. 
The tennis bracelet, which is also known under the name of eternity bracelet, is a beautiful piece of jewelry to complement a formal evening dress, but it is also a charming accessory that can be worn with a casual leisure outfit. Wempe gives the traditional gold bracelet a fresh, modern design: square-cut diamonds or gemstones in a variety of colors are harmoniously lined up in countless variations with different precious metals and types of settings. It can be perfectly combined with eternity rings made of the same material or with simple gold or platinum bracelets.

Tennis Bracelet: A Piece of Jewelry with a History

The Rivière diamond bracelet got the name “tennis bracelet” in 1987. This was when world-famous US tennis player Chris Evert competed in a match at the US Open wearing a diamond bracelet. When she noticed during the match that she had lost her beloved bracelet, the match had to be interrupted to allow her to search for the diamond bracelet. Once she had found it, the match continued, however, with Chris Evert being defeated by her opponent. On that day, the bracelet consisting of symmetrically lined up round diamonds became the tennis bracelet and a modern piece of jewelry for self-conscious, active women.

Tennis Bracelets at Wempe

You will find a large variety of exquisite tennis bracelets in many designs online and at our showrooms. We would be glad to advise you on the different materials and carat weights over a glass of champagne to find together with you the tennis bracelet that perfectly matches your style. Visiting us on site, you won’t only benefit from our personal advice, but also from our comprehensive services for your jewelry items.