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Rubber Straps – from Sporty to Luxurious

Image collage of pool water with product images of the watches Hublot Big Bang, Longines Hydroconquest, and Chopard Happy Ocean

It’s summer! Time to bring a bit of change and color to your wrist. Wristbands made of rubber are a perfect alternative to leather straps or stainless steel bracelets.

Front view of the watch Breguet Marine Lady

Rubber as a fashion statement


It’s not only divers and athletes that like to use rubber straps – wristbands made of this natural material have become a modern fashion accessory. In a blink of an eye, they turn a dress watch into an eye-catching luxury watch that is fit for everyday use. Rubber straps are available in a wide range of colors and are a practical and comfortable alternative to leather straps or steel bracelets. We are happy to explain the advantages and properties of rubber straps to you. And you can of course also touch them: we will be glad to provide you with detailed advice at one of our branches.

The Versatility of Rubber

Rubber is a natural product that has been used by humans for centuries. It is harvested in the form of latex from the rubber tree, which is endemic to the tropics. Even after the withdrawal of water, the mass is still very sticky and sensitive to temperature variations.

Sample image of collecting latex of a rubber tree in the tropical regions of the world

It is only since Charles Goodyear discovered the benefits of controlled heating (vulcanization) in 1839 that the natural product can be converted into an elastic and rubbery material. Almost all watch brands offer rubber straps nowadays because their positive properties offer a true added value. Rubber is elastic, sturdy, sweat-resistant, and extremely durable.

The smart strap for your watch

Male wrist with the Longines Hydroconquest watch

The Easy-Care Properties of Rubber


As rubber is particularly often used for diver’s watches, it comes as no surprise that the material has proven itself in saltwater. It is the most easy-care material among all wristband options and can easily be washed clean. Furthermore, many rubber straps contain a specially added substance that protects them against UV rays and greases and prevents color fading or hardening of the strap.

Image collage of two single images showing male wrists wearing sample watches with rubber straps from the lines Breguet Marine and Vacheron Constantin Laureato

The Sporty Luxury Watch for Everyday Use


Hublot combined for the very first time a gold luxury watch with a rubber strap. What was a bold step back then is nowadays absolutely normal and a welcomed change to steel, leather, or textile wristbands for the modern-day watch wearer. Rubber straps don’t only dive into the water but are also worn ashore on a dress watch or a sporty model with a jeans and t-shirt or a suit and shirt.

Sample image of a man hiking in the wild wearing a sample watch with rubber band on his wrist

Long-Lasting, Sturdy, Comfortable


Rubber is a true all-rounder. The natural material is extremely sturdy yet elastic and supple and feels very comfortable on the wrist. Rubber is water-repellent, which means that it doesn’t absorb any sweat and is therefore odorless. The disadvantage: rubber isn’t breathable, and it might therefore happen, especially in summer, that you slightly sweat underneath the strap – some models have therefore a treaded pattern on the back to facilitate air circulation. Our recommendation: Don’t buckle the strap too tight to allow air to circulate.

Product image of the watch Tissot Sea-Star with rubber strap placed on a table with the sea in the background

The Sustainability of Rubber


Rubber is a natural product, which can also be synthetically produced. Straps made of silicone are offered as alternative and can hardly be distinguished from the “original” material although they are petrochemical products. Silicone is non-toxic and more durable than ordinary plastic, but it is not a natural product and thus a persistent substance. We will be glad to assist you in choosing the right material for your watch.

Watches with rubber strap
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