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Woman in purple evening dress wearing rings from the anniversary collection 20 Candles BY KIM

20 Years of BY KIM, 20 Sparkling Stars

We are proud to unveil the most sophisticated BY KIM creations of the year: the unique 20 Candles BY KIM rings. We don’t only celebrate the 20th anniversary of our BY KIM jewelry brand with these rings, but also the magnificent play of colors of the ocean and the stars in the most beautiful tones of violet, blue and green.

Picture collage shows a woman with the purple unique rings 20 Candles BY KIM and product release of the rings with purple coloured gemstones

In the early morning light.

The rare kunzite and the spinel gracing the 20 Candles BY KIM rings shimmer in changing colors of pink and lilac reminding us of the pink veil on the horizon, while the 20 navette-cut diamonds evoke associations of 20 candles.

In starlit nights.

Presenting itself in a vibrant blue color, the tanzanite is proof to the fact that also darkness can shine brightly. The indigolite sparkles like a radiant star in the dark night sky. The 18k white gold ring band forms the Roman numeral XX, a symbol for the 20 years of BY KIM.

Collage showing a woman twice in a glittering dress wearing a sapphire ring from the 20 Candles BY KIM ring collection, which are also placed in detail in the foreground of the image

The color of hope.

The sky and the ocean have always inspired mankind. This yearning is reflected by the promising green color of the peridot and the tourmaline, the cool shade of the emerald and the almost transparent shine of the beryl.

The ring 20 Candles BY KIM with green colored gemstone and 20 diamonds in front of a woman with elegant green glitter make-up
Still image from the YouTube video for the rings 20 Candles BY KIM showing a woman with eloquent green glittering make-up Play Video

The birth of the rings

The 20 unique rings were handcrafted in the Wempe Atelier L.C. Köhler according to designs by our creative director Catherine Plouchard. To create them, all resources available to the jeweler’s art were pooled: the most exquisite materials, outstanding goldsmithing techniques, and unique creativity.

Collage for Making Of shows the creative phase before creating the ring, in the middle the ring setting 20 Candles BY KIM surrounded by colored gemstones and on the right the ring processing with setting the stones

If you wish to admire the unique 20 Candles BY KIM rings from up close in our branches, we will gladly make an appointment with you. Please phone us at your branch and let us provide you with detailed personal advice while you enjoy a glass of champagne.

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