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Man packs a new watch from a box as a reward for himself

Make a gift to yourself!

Imagine you look at your watch in a few years time. Perhaps it will remind you of the day you bought the watch. Perhaps that was the day your child was born. Or the day you made a decisive step forward in your career. Or simply a day on which you wanted to make a special gift to yourself. And do you know what? That day might be exactly today! That’s why you find here our favorites in the different price categories.

Reward yourself – with Wempe!

You give always 100 percent in your job and for your family. So just look after yourself today and make a gift to yourself that will delight you every time you look at it. Here are some suggestions from us.

Take advantage of your momentum.

You have put some money aside just for yourself, your operations were crowned by success, or your commitment was rewarded with a bonus? Then take advantage of the momentum and make a long-cherished dream come true: a watch from our comprehensive assortment.

Collage on the right with a picture from a working world in which different people coordinate their work, on the left a picture with several hands shown from above

Create lasting values.

You have the possibility to carry on a heritage or you want to keep in memory a loved family member for future generations? Then invest in one of our timepieces of timeless beauty. Let us inspire you with a selection of our personal favorites, about which you can still tell stories to your grandchildren.

Collage of several images on the topic of family, on the left picture shows a father carrying his son on his shoulders and on the right a couple on the jetty hugging each other

Make history.

Admittedly, these watches make a great appearance. Designed, created and built for unforgettable days. These watches distinguish themselves by their finest craftsmanship and exquisite materials. Instead of some slaps on the back, you are carried out of the arena on the shoulder of your biggest fan. Enjoy the moment.

Collage of several images with the image of an elderly gentleman in an armchair relaxing and close-up of a watchmaker working on the back of a watch

Here are some totally “rational” reasons for buying a fine timepiece.*

  1. Reward yourself You have worked hard for your success. Now it’s time to reward yourself for your achievements. And there’s no better way to do it than with a fine model from our selection of extraordinary watches.
  2. Think in generations There are only a few items with which you can make yourself and coming generations happy. Our watches combine highest quality, timeless beauty, and the security of a first-class service – now and in the future.
  3. Show style The modern man has only a few possibilities to show a clear sense of style and quality consciousness in his appearance. With our personal favorites you will transform the only true piece of jewelry a man can wear into a personal statement.
  4. Enjoy fine craftmanship Buying a watch at Wempe doesn’t only mean that you own an exquisite timepiece, but it underscores your personal striving for perfection and beauty as well as your esteem for outstanding craftmanship.
  5. Make a difference Finally, a watch is also a symbol for what we stand in life. It clearly shows your character and class. Whether discreet or distinctive, this is the opportunity to make a difference and attract attention.

* We have to admit that’s a fib. From a rational point of view, watches are something very emotional for us. And we believe that’s absolutely okay. Listen to your heart!

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