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Gorgeous Shades: the Pastel Trend

Soft pastel colors don’t only create a joyous feeling of spring, but are also unobtrusive yet effective companions for every season.

Pastel rings on the model

Soft and colorful: the pastel trend

Colored gemstones are impressive because of their unlimited range of colors: presenting themselves in hues from very soft to very intense, they are absolutely fascinating and stimulate our imagination. In line with the current trend, discreet pastel shades are perfect to give classic jewelry items an exciting new look. Gemstones in pastel colors are very varied and can be combined with each other in perfect harmony. Let us inspire you with the variety of colored gemstones and find your personal trend item in pastel shades.

Pastel jewelry at Wempe

Gemstones in soft pastel colors take center stage in the Sundance BY KIM jewelry line: rose quartz, topaz, and prasiolite set individual statements. The rings, pendants, and earrings are complemented by warm 18k rose gold or cool 18k white gold, which both bring perfectly to the fore the pastel colors. Sundance BY KIM creations display their full glory in the sunlight, which makes the pastel jewelry shine. The Puntino Colors ring from the Puntino BY KIM jewelry line is a special highlight and a most beautiful example of the pastel trend: prasiolites, aquamarines, and smoky quartzes in different hues and cuts are combined to form a fascinating piece of art that enthralls and shows the strong expressiveness of pastel colors.

Our service for your pastel jewelry

It is the colored gemstones that give pastel jewelry their impressive beauty and make them so unique. As these gemstones are softer than for example diamonds, it is advisable to have this kind of jewerly polished in regular intervals. To make sure that your jewelry items with modern gemstones in pastel shades won’t lose their shine and will give you pleasure also in the future, we offer you our exclusive jewelry service at all our Wempe showrooms. Our experts gladly polish, repair, or engrave your favorite item. Furthermore, we have compiled for you some helpful tips for your daily jewelry care at home.

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