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Dress Watch Meets Dress Code ​

Sunil Madhvani is a Senior Sales Consultant at our showroom on New Bond Street in London. In this brief interview, he talks about dress watches, questions of style, and the thin line between “chic” and “too much of a good thing.” ​

Mr. Madhvani, brown wristbands on dress watches are becoming increasingly popular. Should one match the color of the wristband to one’s clothing style, for example to one’s shoes, belts or other accessories?

Sunil Madhvani: There certainly is a fashion trend toward ensuring that the various components of a man’s wardrobe match. This is a trend I follow myself. If the color of your wristband matches what you’re wearing, you create a sense of harmony. But there’s a thin line between skillfully looking chic and overdoing it.

Portrait of Sunil Madhvani
Sunil Madhvani – Senior Sales Consultant at Wempes showroom on New Bond Street in London
Dress watches Interview
Wempe Chronometerwerke Glashütte i/SA – Self-winding manufacture movement CW4 with a power reserve of 92-hours, 41 millimeter yellow gold case with a crocodile skin watch band

At Wempe you’re in contact with international businesspeople every day. And personally you have a passion for tailor-made clothing, especially from the famous Savile Row. Are there differences between the watch trends of global players and of typical British custom tailors?

Sunil Madhvani: At the Wempe showroom on New Bond Street in London, we attract a broad spectrum of international businesspeople. We’ve observed that a gentleman who wears tailored suits will devote a great deal of time and attention to the watches he wears. Fine suits are often combined with brands such as Patek Philippe, A. Lange & Söhne, and Vacheron Constantin.

High-tech materials such as ceramics are also becoming increasingly popular for watches. Are these materials appropriate for dress watches, or would you prefer traditional materials?

Sunil Madhvani: Personally, I believe high-tech materials should rather be combined with a casual or sporty fashion style. The four precious metals — platinum and white, yellow or rose gold — are the perfect choices to convey a low-profile “sophisticated code.” In addition, there are models with a stainless steel case that are suitable as dress watches for a sportsman.

Biography: Which wristwatch will perfectly match your suit? Sunil Madhvani always has an expert response. Madhvani, a UK native, has worked at Wempe since 1998. He is currently a Senior Sales Consultant at the company’s London showroom. In this function he also advises his British and international customers on questions of style.

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