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Curated Ear
Ear Jewelry for a Rebel Appearance

Attract attention: That’s the motto! Time has come for an elegant, rock style revolution in the way we wear ear jewelry. Combine extravagant pendant earrings and small ear studs to create artful arrangements that turn your entire ear into a dramatic stage.

Picture collage on the right with the lettering Glamour for rebels laid on net structure, on the left a woman with strong black eyeliner wearing the earrings Minimalism in white gold

The trend of 2020 – exciting and glamorous ear jewelry

Cause a stir! Inspired by the world’s catwalks, the curated ear look is one of the trends of the year 2020. Individual earrings, small hoop earrings, and extravagant ear cuffs – exceptionally bold combinations are allowed to create the rebel glamour look. We show you how you style this trend in perfection and attract attention by an unconventional yet sophisticated look.

Picture collage shows a curated ear example with the Creolen Electrify by Wempe Casuals in white gold

More is more – become a maximalist!

You can easily create a fascinating curated ear look with our double hoop earrings that only need one piercing. The golden rule: Start with the largest hoop earring and then decrease the size while you move upwards.

Close-up of a lady

Asymmetry – the style discipline for fashion rebels


Become the leader of a revolution in ear jewelry – the irregular arrangement of the individual items is a key element of this trends. Our advice: Go for those pendant earrings with an asymmetrical design that make the hearts of true fashionistas beat faster.

Closeup of a female ear decorated with the Electrify earrings in rose gold by Wempe Jewelry as part of the curated ear trend

Focus on individuality – set the scene for sparkling details


Whether they are crosses, single-set diamonds, little spheres, moons, or stars – small ear studs are the perfect accessory to round off your rock style glamour look. Individuality instead of uniformity: Stick to this punk rock credo and choose a symbol that has a personal meaning for you – there are no limits to your imagination.

The earrings for your rebel glamour look are available at all our branches worldwide. We will be glad to provide you with personal advice on this exciting trend and assist you in choosing the hoop earrings, pendant earrings, and ear studs that perfectly suit your personal taste and style.

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