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Collage with a group photo with the women (from left to right) Anja Heiden, Kim-Eva Wempe and Catherine Plouchard, in the middle the writing 20 Years BY KIM

Happy Birthday, BY KIM

20 years ago, three women created the BY KIM jewelry brand, which has combined timeless elegance and inspiring aesthetics ever since. And that birthday is a reason to celebrate! All the more because giving pleasure is the purpose of BY KIM.

Collier Puntino 20 Candles BY KIM in rose gold and white gold on red background

A Special Birthday and an Exceptional Piece of Jewelry 


Finally, the time has come! On the occasion of its 20th birthday, our BY KIM brand has an exclusive surprise for you. The »20 Candles« Puntino BY KIM anniversary necklace is graced by ten sparkling, cinnamon-colored diamonds and ten stylized candles. So why don’t you make yourself a gift?

BY KIM – Jewelry Designed by Women for Women

20 years ago, three women were pondering about the question why it was so often men that created jewelry to be worn by women. Kim-Eva Wempe, Anja Heiden and Catherine Plouchard found the right answer to this situation. After countless meetings and careful consideration, they created the BY KIM jewelry brand. A unique brand designed by women for women that stands for exciting and elegant pieces of jewelry.

Two women wear exclusive pieces of jewelry to celebrate 20 years of BY KIM Play Video
Portrait with Kim-Eva Wempe and the following quote "The innovation behind Helioro is not readily apparent. The design has a beautiful classic look."
From top to bottom: Two rings of the Helioro BY KIM line in rose gold, below two rings of the Helioro XS BY KIM line, one in rose gold and one in white gold


Helioro BY KIM – Endless Elegance


In 2000, Kim-Eva Wempe took the bold step to launch a Wempe-own jewelry brand and created BY KIM, an elegant companion for sophisticated women. The brand’s lines, as for example Helioro, stand out by their compelling aesthetics. Kim-Eva Wempe loves the line‘s iconic design and appreciates above all its well-achieved balance between excitingly new and timelessly elegant.

Portrait with Catherine Plouchard and the following quote "Sensual is like a protective aura. It appeals to all senses."
From top to bottom: Earrings from the Sensual Cocoon BY KIM line in rose gold with diamonds, and below them the ring from the Sensual Cocoon BY KIM line in rose gold with diamonds, are set together on a pink and red background with different colour shades

Sensual BY KIM – the Powerful World of the Senses


Creative Director Catherine Plouchard gave life to the trio’s ideas. The BY KIM creations include exciting statements as well as delicate companions for every day. To develop the Sensual BY KIM line was a matter truly dear to the heart of Catherine Plouchard – she didn’t only focus on an outstanding quality of the materials and a timeless design vocabulary, but also wanted to achieve a unique wearing comfort.

Portrait with Anja Heiden and the following quote "If I went without Puntino, I would miss something: its touch of casualness and nonchalance!"
The Puntino BY KIM necklace in rose gold with cinnamon-coloured diamonds on a rose-red background with colour gradations

Puntino BY KIM – Filigree Casualness


Anja Heiden, CEO Jewelry, knows for sure – there’s the perfect piece of jewelry for every woman. A creation that she will miss all the day if she happens to forget to put it on. Anja Heiden has personally found this creation in a necklace from the Puntino BY KIM line. The pieces of jewelry from this line surprise with a stylish lightness – take a look for yourself and find your new favorite jewelry item.

Come and visit us at your nearest Wempe branch. We will be glad to provide you with expert advice in choosing your personal jewelry highlight.


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