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The Jewelry Trends 2019: What’s New? What Stays?

How wonderful! A new jewelry year is ahead of us. Time to look around and take a closer look at the latest trends.

Trends to stay:


THE fashion comeback of 2018 will also stay absolutely trendy in the New Year. Whether in XL or XS, hoop earrings will accompany us in every size and in different hues of gold throughout the entire jewelry year 2019.

Classic diamonds

In our fast-paced times traditions and lasting values are very popular and in demand as rarely before. “Real is rare” is the motto under which diamonds accompany us also in the New Year. Whether set in a ring or in a dazzling tennis bracelet.

Pastel colors

Soft shades of pastel announce the arrival of spring. Their lightness and softness brings us joyful anticipation. And with a Sundance BY KIM ring or a necklace with light blue topazes this excitement will surely last for more than one season.

Trends to come:


A color like a coral reef: strong and yet soft, vivid, and stimulating. No wonder that it is already THE trend color of 2019. With the Colonna BY KIM ring you will always carry this liveliness and a sparkle with you.


New and yet so familiar: Featuring exceptional but still familiar materials, the vintage style lets the hearts of all jewelry lovers beat faster. Discover mother-of-pearl in the form of graphic pendants or ceramic in the Colonna Matinée BY KIM ring.


It has been impossible to ignore them on the catwalks around the world: bangles. Whether worn individually or in stacking combinations, they are a loyal companion on our wrist in the jewelry year 2019. The Voyage BY KIM bangle hugs the skin and adjusts to the contours of the wrist in soft waves. Perfect for everyday and for a great appearance.


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