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Trends of the SIHH 2019

SIHH 2019 - The 5 Dominant Trends of the Year

The Wempe Product Management and Social Media team visited the 29th Geneva Watch Exhibition and tells us which trends will mark this watch year.

 "For every watch aficionado, a trip to the Geneva watch exhibition is like a visit to the candy shop when you were a child—simply overwhelming. Shapes, colors, and tempting delights galore await you. And anticipation is equally great: there were many speculations beforehand about the 25th anniversary of A. Lange & Söhne and rumors were buzzing around about new aviator watches from IWC and Cartier’s ladies’ collection."

Thomas Wanka, Watch Editor at Large

Jaeger LeCoultre Master Ultra Thin Perpetual Calendar

Play of colors

Color opens up wide design possibilities for dials. Not brightly colored, but in discreet, graduated hues. Often accentuated by a color gradient or adorned with an effective grinding pattern. Or as enamel dial with an underlying guilloche engraving. The world of color inspires the designers in many ways. To the latest plays of color

IWC Schaffhausen front view

Perpetual calendars

The name sounds like a promise. Eternal time would be a privilege that everybody would love to have. A mechanical watch that indicates time correctly for all eternity embodies this wish with perfect craftsmanship for the wrist. To the youngest perpetual calendars

Panerai Submersible Luna Rossa 47 mm

Elegant shades of gray

There is no trend without countertrend—gray comes in so many expressive shades that it continues to fire the imagination of designers. Where colorfulness is missing, the combination of light and darkness creates exactly that nuance that radiates elegance and wisdom. To the elegant watches in a gray guise

Vacheron Constantin front view blue dial

Open constructions

Passionate lovers of precision mechanics just smile about the decision between colorful or gray dials. They enjoy the unobstructed view on the movement and take pleasure in its perfect construction. And the manufacturers happily take up the challenge of showcasing the exciting filigree inner life of a watch. To the watches offering an openhearted insight

Jaeger LeCoultre Rendezvous Night & Day Jewellery

Sparkling gems and mother-of-pearl

The sparkling shine of diamonds has fascinated since time immemorial. Often only regarded as decorative attachment in the past, they increasingly illustrate self-conscious femininity nowadays. Combined with shimmering mother-of-pearl dials, watchmaking and craftsmanship melt into one. To the sparkling masterpieces

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