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The 5 Most Important Wempe Trends of 2019—Our Highlights of Baselworld 2019

The Baselworld watch exhibition determines the trends of the year. Our expert team was present on site. Inspired by Baselworld and SIHH, we show you the most important watch trends and novelties of the year 2019. After having already provided live coverage from the exhibitions, we present you now the most important novelties.

Ladies First or First Ladies – an Appearance Hard as Steel for Self-Conscious Ladies‘ Watches

There’s no getting around ladies‘ watches. This applies as well for this year’s Baselworld. Self-conscious women make a significant and sporty appearance nowadays. The clear shapes of stainless steel underscore this ambition. She wears her watch on a stainless steel bracelet without denying her femininity: despite the material’s hardness, the bracelets are supple and soft and ensure an individual look.

To the self-conscious appearance.

Watches That Are Looking for Adventure in the City

“You don’t need to, but you could“—this motto is no doubt true for a watch type that we came across quite often at this year’s Baselworld and that we named, with a twinkle in the eye, “Sport Utility Watches” (SUW). These timepieces withstand a lot. Wear them on your wrist and you are prepared for everything that may come along.

Discover the Sport Utility Watches.

The Comeback of the Year—the Ascent of Aviator Watches

The classic aviator watch played an important role at the exhibition booths of many brands. Due to its sleek, no-frills design vocabulary, this watch type appeals in particular to people who have a predilection for clear design, utmost precision, and stylish understatement. The new aviator watches give a clear yet creative interpretation of these classic specifications. This year, color and styling put an emphasis on the spirit of adventure.

These watches are on the rise this year.

50 Years More than Merely a Watch—50 Years of Self-Winding Chronographs

This is not merely a watch, but a cockpit. Sporty, precise, and reliable. The integrated stop function of self-winding chronographs has convinced race car drivers, sailors, and aviators for 50 years now. After all, “fighting against the clock” is a welcome challenge for them. We join in the celebration of this milestone birthday and show you our favorites among the honorable successors.

These chronographs take the lead this year.

A Clear Statement—Watches with a Dark Case

Watches with a dark case have all eyes on them. No matter whether they have a martial and provoking or a noble and elegant appearance, they always emphasize the self-consciousness of the person who wears them. After all, black has always stood for coolness and casualness. That’s the reason why the “little black one” is seldom the only watch in the cabinet.

Click here to meet the dark individualists.

 "The luxury watch industry stages itself in an inimitable and unmatched way at Baselworld. As soon as you enter the exhibition hall, you feel that this is the place where new impetuses come from that will shape the world of watches."

Thomas Wanka, Watch Editor at Large

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